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"a beautiful and innovative ode to community and inclusivity" 

Tenement TV

"If you’re needing something to help put a smile on your face, this track might hold the answer."

Euphoria Magazine

"an antidote to even the most wretched, wind blasted days to be faced on living on this often unforgiving land and isles."

Secret Meeting Blog

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"This perfectly struck balance is what truly sets this artist apart from many on the folk pop scene and makes his progression to the top seem inevitable"

Indie Midlands

"Barely over 20 years old, and Lewis McLaughlin already has enormous maturity in his writing and his way of thinking. A promising talent."

Indie Music Center

Written on the road “Whole” is an acknowledgement of difficult moments, recognising the finite highs of adrenaline which come with touring with the closely following lows and comedowns. It is a meditation for trying days. A reminder that on every path there will be a view to reassess from, nothing is forever both paths up and down will at one point become the other - “whenever you feel good, it’s just temporary”.

‘Summer’ the new single from Lewis McLaughlin is a testament to the simple joys of being young, having few cares in the world, whatever the weather. It draws influence from traditional forms and filters them with a contemporary lens to blend alt-folk and rock into something unique.

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